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Residential Home Inspection Training Program

The Washington State Legislature enacted legislation in 2008 that strictly regulates an applicant's entry into the field of home inspection. All new inspectors, prior to licensing, must complete a minimum of 120 hours of classroom training in the fundamentals of home inspection and 40 hours of supervised field training. The B.T.C. course provides 135 hours of fundamentals training and 40 hours of field training.

Bellingham Technical College has been training home inspectors in Washington State since 1996. The professional level program is fully accredited by the Washington State Department of Licensing. Students, who satisfactorily complete this hands-on course, will acquire the skills and credentials necessary to pass the Washington State Home Inspector Licensing Exam. B.T.C.’s proprietary online practice tests, available to students post class, help graduates prepare for both the Department of Licensing’s home inspector license and the Washington State Department of Agriculture’s structural pest inspector license.

Primary course content includes: site and grading, exterior, structure, substructure areas, attics, roofs, electric, plumbing, HVAC, insulation, ventilation, building science, interiors, fireplaces, stoves and chimneys, alternative methods of construction, swimming pools and spas, yard irrigation systems, and instruction in the identification of rot and wood destroying insects. Scope of instruction is broad enough to prepare the student to work anywhere in the United States or Canada, but instruction is tailored to be particularly helpful to those persons planning to operate in Washington State and the Pacific Northwest. Course content is suitable for inspectors in Western Washington and Eastern Washington.

This program is offered ONLY on the Bellingham campus of Bellingham Technical College. For detailed information, and course scheduling, contact lead instructor Steven L. Smith at (360) 319-0038 or Email:

Physical Skills and Requirements

Keyboarding, typing and computer skills are necessary to complete program requirements. Working as a home inspector is a “physical” job that requires dexterity, strength, and a willingness to get into tight spaces such as crawl spaces and attics. Home inspectors are expected to traverse roofs when it is safe to do so. Home inspectors must be able and willing to work in all kinds of weather conditions.


Steven Smith Photo
Steven L. Smith

Steven L. Smith has taught within the B.T.C. Residential Home Inspection Program since 2005 and he was promoted to lead instructor in 2006. Steve is an industry professional and operated King of the House Home Inspection in Whatcom County for more than ten years. He was an original member of the Washington State Home Inspector Licensing Advisory Board which helped formulate many of the laws that now regulate home inspectors in this state.
Charles Buell Photo
Charles Buell
Charles Buell spent more than 30 years building and designing homes and other structures as a general contractor. He is a busy home inspector in one of the fastest growing real estate markets in America – Seattle and King County. Charles is a nationally recognized authority on home inspection. Charles has been teaching with the B.T.C. program since 2004. He is presently a member of the Washington State Home Inspector Licensing Advisory Board.
Curtis Brown
Curtis Brown has been on the B.T.C. home inspector training faculty since 2010. He enjoys, and takes pride in, educating prospective Washington home Inspectors. Curtis was trained as an inspector at B.T.C. in 2007. Prior to that he had 35 years of experience in residential and commercial construction. Curtis operates Curtis C. Home Inspection Services in Bellingham.
rick pen Photo
Rick D. Pen
Rick Pen, owner of Dependable Home inspections in Whatcom County for more than a decade, spent several years as a professional remodeler. So, prior to becoming an inspector, he gained extensive construction experience. Rick has been teaching for the B.T.C. inspection course for more than a decade in the home inspection business. Rick is an approachable and popular instructor.


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