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Residential Home Inspection Training Program

The Washington State Legislature enacted legislation in 2008 that will strictly regulate an applicant's entry into the field of professional home inspection. That legislation mandates that all new inspectors, prior to being licensed, must show proof of having completed a minimum of 120 hours of classroom training and 40 supervised field inspections. These requirements are the same as the established curriculum, offered in the residential home inspection training program, at Bellingham Technical College.

For more than a decade, Bellingham Technical College has operated the premier residential home inspection training program in Washington State. This professional program began more than twelve years ago and has developed into a highly sought after training regimen that is offered year round in community and technical colleges in both Western Washington and Eastern Washington. This program is fully accredited by the state and all students who satisfactorily complete this course receive certificates from Bellingham Technical College. In Washington State, community and technical colleges have a long history of preparing students for new and exciting careers. This course is no exception. Students who enroll will be participating in the most rigorous program offered anywhere in the United States.

This four week course, 160- hours, combines classroom instruction with field training to provide the student with the skills necessary and the credentials to seek licensing as a home inspector in Washington State. The individual completing the program will know how to open his or her own inspection business or is qualified to seek employment with an established home inspection firm. The graduate shall be fully prepared to take, and pass, any comprehensive home inspection exam required by the leading home inspection associations or societies, any state licensing exams or the National Home Inspector Exam. Students will be prepared to pass the Washington State Structural Pest Inspector Exam, (WSDA). Course content is broad enough to prepare the student to work anywhere in the United States or Canada, but instruction is tailored to be particularly helpful to those planning to operate in Washington State and the Pacific Northwest.

This program is offered on the BTC campus and at several other colleges in Washington State. For detailed information, and scheduling, contact program coordinator Steven L. Smith at 866-676-6908 or Email:

Students may apply for a certificate upon completion and verification of all requirements and standards


Steven Smith Photo
Steven L. Smith

Steve is a formally trained home inspector and performed his first inspection for wood destroying organisms more than 35 years ago. Smith spent 25 years of his career as a licensed broadcast engineer and became President and CEO of a successful corporation. Today, Steve is owner of King of the House Home Inspection, Inc. and is the program coordinator for the residential home inspection training program offered at Bellingham Technical College. A student favorite is Steveís course on wood destroying organisms and conducting pest inspections. Students learn the basics of performing pest inspections and, in addition to being qualified to work as home inspectors, BTC students are also trained to pass the WSDA regulated structural pest inspector exam. The curriculum, taught by Steve, includes marketing, business issues, report writing and legal aspects of home inspection.
Charles Buell Photo
Charles Buell
Charlie is a formally trained home inspector and began building homes with his father more than 40 years ago. He spent many years in the construction business and has built a number of homes from the foundation up. He is one of those rare individuals, here on the west coast at least, who has built a home with a preserved wood foundation. Today, Charlie is owner of Charles Buell Inspections and is a busy home inspector in one of the fastest growing real estate markets in America Seattle and King County. Charlie has the knowledge and background to teach any facet of home inspection, but his love for electrical, plumbing and insulation theory makes him the natural to teach these complex subjects. Anyone who knows Charlie knows that he lives and breathes home inspection. Charlie is an endless resource and invaluable consultant to those colleagues, friends and former students who need detailed information on the intricacies of home inspection.
rick pen Photo
Rick D. Pen
Formally trained as a home inspector, Rick is owner of Dependable Home Inspections in the Whatcom County, WA market. Prior to beginning a home inspection business, Rick spent several years as a professional remodeler. He has extensive experience with both new construction and older homes. A few years ago, Rick decided it was time to put his collected knowledge to work in the area of home inspection. Rick's past experience allowed him to quickly develop that critical eye that is so necessary in the home inspection business. Rick is an experienced, approachable and popular instructor.


Bellingham Technical College students receive "hands-on" classroom training and gain invaluable insight into the trade by participating in four actual home inspections, while supervised and coached by a professional home inspector and trainer.

Steven Smith inspects an exterior outlet Photo
Steven Smith inspects an exterior outlet
Steven Smith uses a moisture meter in a shower Photo
Steven Smith uses a moisture meter in a shower
Steven Smith inspects cedar siding Photo
Steven Smith inspects cedar siding
Charles Buell inspects under a kitchen sink Photo
Charles Buell inspects under a kitchen sink
Steven Smith measures water pressure Photo
Steven Smith measures water pressure
Charles Buell inspects inside a main electric panel
Charles Buell inspects inside a main electric panel
Charles Buell tests a GFCI outlet Photo
Charles Buell tests a GFCI outlet
Charles Buell measures water temperature Photo
Charles Buell measures water temperature

This video describes the home inspection training course at Bellingham Technical College

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